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The April Kitchen Conundrum - Our Newest Contest

Every baker knows that you occasionally have to improvise in the kitchen to get the job done when the proper baking utensil isn't at your disposal - or in this case, doesn't exist! If you missed the March Kitchen Conundrum, here's the assignment at hand: each month we feature a tool that is essential to the creation of one (or more) or our delectable brownies. If you correctly guess the tool, it's use, and the brownie flavor(s) it's used to create, you will be entered into a random drawing. The winner of the drawing will win the featured tool and a whole bunch of brownies. Goodness, that's wordy, but I think you get the point!

So take a look at the picture and answer the questions below in the comments section of this post. And pay attention, because this month's featured tool is actually used in the creation of 6 of our brownies - but you only have to identify three of the brownies correctly to be eligible for the prize. And since we're asking you to to identify more than one brownie, we're also giving the winner more than one brownie. That's right - the winner of the challenge receive the tool and a dozen brownies.

Here are the questions you need to answer in the comments section of this post:
1. What is the tool? (Remember, we've altered this tool to serve our purpose, so it may look a little funny in the picture - but that's part of the challenge!)
2. What is the tool used for?
3. What brownies is the tool used to create? (We use this tool to help create 6 brownies - you just need to correctly guess 3 of the 6)
4. What's your email address? (So that we can contact you if you win!)

We'll select a winner at random on April 26th.

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