Simply Divine Brownies is built on cherished relationships. Our company, a mother-daughter enterprise, invites you to join us in celebrating all the delicious things life has to offer! It began as a quest for the quintessential chocolate experience! After years spent together in our family kitchen perfecting old recipes and inventing new ones, we decided to add heaps of love and laughter to our favorite sweet treat: brownies!

Call it inspiration, call it illumination, or simply call it divine intervention, but the combination of the finest ingredients, a bit of Maine charm, and the joy of baking with family has proven to be the winning recipe. Simply Divine Brownies was born!

After weeks of mixing, stirring, and sampling our creations, we chose a few key ingredients essential for the perfect brownie. Family is always generous, so we decided our brownies needed to be generous as well. Simply Divine brownies are ample, scrumptious, and generously stacked with mouthfuls of true heaven! Family is multi-layered, so at Simply Divine we strive to bake a treat full of complexity.

Each brownie is infused with a medley of rich flavors, frostings, and goodies. Family stands by you through thick and thin. At Simply Divine we focus on the thick: these brownies are big and luscious!

Baking with the principles of family in mind has proven to be Simply Divine! We hope that when you take a bite of our brownies, you can taste the love and laughter that surrounded their conception. And we hope they leave you feeling inspired, too!

Our Team

Trina Beaulier, CEO - Simply Divine Brownies

A Maine native from the age of five when her family made the move from Manhattan to Caribou, Maine in 1952, Trina Beaulier is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Simply Divine Brownies, LLC. A graduate of the University of Maine in Orono, she received her Masters of Science from the University of Southern Maine. As a teacher, Trina was a finalist for Maine's Teacher of the Year in 1998 and the recipient of the prestigious Milken Award in the same year. Her classroom was experiential in nature, so the curriculum relied on soliciting input of parents and students, as well as extensive research. These skills will allow her to be a leader in this project. After working in education for almost twenty years as a classroom teacher and a teacher leader, Trina, the mother of five children, retired with plans to enjoy her home on Echo Lake in Mt. Vernon.

After a wonderful summer, Trina, frustrated with the lack of availability of gourmet brownies in local bakeries, decided to open a small, out-of the-kitchen business focused on baking brownies from scratch with love, laughter, and the finest confections. Simply Divine Brownies opened its ovens and doors in November, 2004 and within weeks it became apparent that numerous other chocolate connoisseurs craved gourmet brownies made with the finest ingredients. This demand was the impetus for Simply Divine Brownies relocation to a larger space in Fort Andross, Brunswick, Maine and to explode into a national force in fewer than two years. Trina’s understanding of gourmet baking provides the skills necessary to developing the two new product lines, as well as the varieties which fall within each line.

Trina differentiates her company from leading competitors by offering a wide spectrum of toppings and frostings on Simply Divine Brownies. She has distinguished her company by offering the first collection of hand cut and hand decorated shaped brownies in the country. In many ways she and her daughter, Meggen, are pioneers in the realm of confections, but they still adhere to the ideology that a rich, fudgy brownie made from the finest ingredients is one of life's dearest pleasures!

Meggen Beaulier, Chief Operating Officer - Simply Divine Brownies

Meggen is a Maine native from the age of six when her family moved to Cumberland, Maine from New York. Meggen is the eldest of the five children in the Beaulier family. After graduating from Waynflete in Portland, Maine, Meggen moved to Boston and attended Simmons College and matriculated with a double major in Business and Philosophy. She earned her degree in business, with a specialization in retail management and business ethics. Following her graduation she worked as a concierge at the Mansion at Turtle Creek in Dallas, Texas. She then moved to New York City and continued her work as concierge at the Waldorf Astoria. Meg joined Simply Divine Brownies in July of 2006. Meg’s knack for working collaboratively with her colleagues, as well as her ability to solicit information from primary sources will be invaluable in this project