Decorated Brownies...shapes to celebrate life's special occasions!

All Simply Divine Shapes are cut from our heavenly brownie base, dipped in fine chocolate, and hand decorated for your celebration.

Many of our silhouettes are available every day of the year, while some are only available at certain times. If you are ordering a minimum of two dozen of one shape, we will bake it any time you wish. To place a special, out-of-season order, please call our toll-free number (1.866.3BROWNI).

All Silhouette Brownies are available individually, in a half dozen, and a dozen.

Angel Brownie
Decorated Angel Brownie
Holiday Lights
Individually wrapped brownie lights
Ornament Collection
Nine assorted Decorated
Ornament Brownies
Holiday Brownie Tower
Ten assorted brownies, & one
holiday themed Brownie
Decorated Pumpkin Brownie
Candy Corn
Decorated Candy Corn Brownie
Falling Leaf
Decorated Falling Leaf Brownie
Black Cat
Decorated Black Cat Brownie
Decorated Ghost Brownie
Lobster Brownie
Decorated Lobster Brownie
Birthday Cupcake
Decorated Birthday Cupcake Brownie
Ice Cream Cone
Decorated Ice Cream Cone Brownie
Wedding Tiers
Decorated Wedding Cake Brownie
Decorated Heart
Decorated Heart Brownie