Bake Your Own Sampler...
Choose Six Different Brownies
to Create your Own Sampler

Bake Your Own Sampler...<br>Choose Six Different Brownies <br>to Create your Own Sampler
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Bake your Own Sampler

Our brownies are all scrumptious yet each customer seems to have personal favorites. For this sampler, you can choose six different brownies that tickle your tastebuds, and we will do the rest. Feel free to order several of your favorite flavor! However, if you wish to order six brownies, all of one flavor, make sure to order from the Classic Brownies page as this is more economical. Bake Your Own Sampler…perfect…for you!!

  • Half Dozen (6)… Price: $24.95
  • Full Dozen (12)… Price: $38.00